McKay/Sheppard Established Relationship First Time NC-17 John's POV Drabble/Ficlet First Kiss PWP Angst Sheppard/Dex Sheppard/Mitchell Bottom!John PG-13 Blowjob PG Illnesses, Wounds & Other Health Issues Sheppard/Lorne Humour Mission Gone Awry AU (Contemporary Setting) R Off-world Pre-relationship Kink Romance Ancient & Alien Technology Troubles Cameron Mitchell's POV AU Timeline: Post-series Ancient Technology Hand Job Kink - Domination/submission McKay/Beckett Episode Related - Season 3 Ronon's POV Timeline: Season 2 Pining!John Episode Related - Season 2 Timeline: Season 3 Timeline: Season 1 Domesticity Lorne's POV Going to Earth Don't Ask Don't Tell Top!John Part of a Series Kink - Bondage AU - Quantum Stargate: Alternate realities G Crossovers & Fusions Injured!John Beckett/Sheppard Kissing Bottom!Rodney Alien Customs & Rituals Children (No Mpreg) McKay/Zelenka Captured In The Future Captured!John Straight!John Earth-side Vacation McKay/Keller AU (SF, Fantasy And/Or Horror Settings) Straight!Rodney Secret Lovers McKay/Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan First Time - Off-world Rec - McKay/Sheppard Coming Out Secondary: Other Timeline: Future Mpreg Freaked-out!John Top!Ronon Aliens Made Them Do It Five Things Sheppard/Other Male Character Marriage SG-1 Crossover Misunderstanding Slice of Life Crossover - TV Series Dark Christmas Transformations - Gender-bending Alternate & Quantum Dimensions Pining Under The Influence Breaking-up & Making-up Episode AU 3x10 The Return, Part 1 First Time - On Earth Sheppard/Ford Sub!John Wound or Injury Timeline: Season 5 Gay!John Captured!Rodney Episode Related - Season 1 Alien Ritual Background Story Jealous!John Meet The Family First Time - After A Hard Mission/Near Miss Episode Related - Season 4 Non-consensual AU - Scientist!Rodney Clueless Episode Related - Season 5 Seasonal & Special Occasions Character Piece - John Woman!John Jealousy Frottage Death-fic Zelenka/Lorne Sheppard/Zelenka Woman!Rodney Screwed up!John Heterosexual Sex 1x01 - 1x02 Rising Timeline: Season 4 Clueless!Rodney Dating After Atlantis Convalescence Injured!Rodney Crack!fic McKay/Dex Only Physical Rodney's POV Heavy Angst Pining!Rodney Cameron Mitchell working in Atlantis McKay/Sheppard/Beckett Pregnant!Rodney Alien Technology Kink - Toys Going to Earth - To Stay Lorne/Parrish Flirting Kink - Rough Sex AU - Ex-military!John Sentient Atlantis Outdoor Sex Sparring Top!Lorne Miraculous Return Moving In Together Character Death Angry Sex Miraculously Returned!John Shower Sex Masturbation Clueless!John OMC Bottom!Lorne Amnesia Transformations Alien Custom Finger Fucking Drugged Sex Drunk Jack/Daniel Pre-Atlantis AU - Quantum: Only A Stargate Crossdressing Kink - Spanking Drugged Not Human Figuring it out Timeline: Pre-series Dom!John Puddlejumper Sex Kink - Rimming Long story Voyeurism Captured!Team Courting Angry!John Oblivious Love 2x01 The Siege, Part 3 Top!Rodney Jeannie Miller Pining!Cam Relationship Crisis Secondary McKay/Sheppard Alien Ritual (Sexual) Rape Carson's POV Pregnant!John Bottom!Ronon Dave Sheppard Homophobia Sheppard/Todd Sheppard/O'Neill Adopted Child 5x19 Vegas McKay/Sheppard/Dex Kink - Fetishism 2x06 Trinity AU (Historical or Pseudo-historical Setting) Jeannie Miller (Non-canon) Marriage Proposal Episode Related - SG-1 Original Character Handicapped Past Exposed John Resigns/Is Discharged 4x15 Outcast Something Made Them Do It Outed Once It Was... Virtual Environments Party Time Transformations - Animals 3x17 Sunday ESP & Superpowers Slave!John Kink - Light Bondage McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka Morning After Raped!John Jack O'Neill Possesive!John Slavefic Kink - Talking Dirty Amnesiac!John Cold/flu/virus Kink - Blindfolds Relationship talk 3x11 The Return, Part 2 Character Piece - Ronon Kink - Orgasm Denial Brendan Dean (Thoughtcrimes)/Vincent (Dawson’s Creek) Accidentally Overheard Pining!Lorne Based On A Film Crossover - Movie Atlantis Is Lost Daniel Jackson Amnesiac!Rodney Time Travel Sheppard/OMC Torture Close Quarters Emmagan/Dex Injured!Ronon Radek's POV Confused!Rodney Science! Water Sex 3x07 Common Ground Iratus Bug!John Stranded Secondary Lorne/Parrish First Time - After Being Injured Jealous!Rodney Season 1 AU Past Abuse 2x12 Epiphany Kink - Lingerie 5x20 Enemy at the Gate Freaked-out!Rodney Straight Sheppard/Woolsey Unrequited Love Madison Miller 3x03 Irresistible 2x14 Grace Under Pressure Kink - Public Sex Gay!Rodney Injured!Lorne Based On A Fairy Tale 2x08 Conversion In Denial!John AU - Musician!Rodney Drunk Sex Atlantis Seperates From Earth Virgin!Rodney Matchmaker(s) One-night Stand Character Piece - Rodney Cheating Flying Dom!Lorne Guilty!John McKay/Katie Brown Got Shot Sub!Rodney 2x04 Duet AU - Businessman!John Supernatural Double Penetration Injured!Cam Transgender Top!Carson Kink - Whipping AU - Scientist!John Vacation 2x10 The Lost Boys Road Trip Season 2 AU Miraculously Returned!Rodney Cameron Mitchell Vampires Crossover - Supernatural AU - College Professor!Rodney Beckett/Dex Epic 3x14 Tao of Rodney Outside looking in Aiden's POV Pet Tales Satedan Ritual Or Custom Dom!Rodney Captured!Cam Kink - Fisting Alien Sex Pollen From Afar Fractured Bones Season 4 AU SGC Is Declassified Birthday Rejuvenation Sheppard/Caldwell Apocalypse Addiction 2x11 The Hive Betrayal Pining!Carson SG-1 - 10x03 The Pegasus Project Telepathic Bond OFC Sheppard/Parrish 3x08 McKay and Mrs. Miller Oblivious!John Bodyswap Kink - Humiliation McKay/Sheppard/Weir AU - Teenager!John 2x02 The Intruder Bet 4x20 The Last Man (Part 1) McKay/Sheppard/Emmagan Moresomes First Time - In Antartica Halloween Dom!Ronon McKay/Sheppard/Lorne Captured!Ronon Sheppard/OFC AU - Military!John Winged!John Episode AU - 2x08 Conversion Beckett/McKay/Emmagan McKay/Sheppard/Other Crossover - Novel Pining!Ronon Punishment (non-sexual) Episode AU - MENSA AU Season 3 AU BDSM World Weir/Zelenka Sub!Ronon Sheppard/Weir Sleepy Sex Freaked-out!Lorne Sacrifice Raped!Rodney Back To The Past Captured!Lorne Alien Gift Crossover - Dr. Who/Torchwood 1x11 The Eye John/Atlantis Pining!Aiden Brendan Dean (Thoughtcrimes)/Emmett (Boa vs. Python) AU - College Student!John Atlantis Is Cut Off From Earth AU - Musician!John Vampire!John Episode AU - 3x10-11 The Return AU - John didn't join the Air Force 2x03 Runner Fall of Atlantis 4x03 Reunion AU - Teenager!Rodney Beach Sex 4x09 Miller's Crossing E-mail Episode AU - 3x17 Sunday Ascended!Rodney Elizabeth's POV IOA Gay!Carson Talking In Dreams Secondary McKay/Zelenka Kink - Knifeplay Superpowers New Year Possessive!Ronon Tattoo Transformations - Wings Vampire!Rodney Kink - Exhibitionism Stackhouse/Markham 1x20 The Siege, Part II Sub!Lorne McKay/Cameron Episode AU - 1x01 Rising Temporary Telepathy dubcon Time Loop McKay/Emmagan Voyeur: Rodney Anaphylactic Shock 3x04 Sateda 1x10 The Storm Sheppard/Mitchell/Lorne Truth Serum Woolsey's POV Oblivious!Rodney McKay/Lorne Emmagan/Heightmeyer 2x16 The Long Goodbye Injured!Aiden AU - Police Detective!John McKay/Carter 5x03 Broken Ties 2x13 Critical Mass Secondary Lorne/Zelenka 69 (Sex) Secondary Beckett/Zelenka Sexual slavery Beckett/Michael Bottom!Carson Sex in the office Dom!Carson Crossover - Hawaii 5-0 4x02 Lifeline Mutilation Valentine's Day Beckett/Zelenka Guilty!Rodney Top!Radek Virgin!John AU - Hooker/Gigolo!John AU - Medical Doctor!John 4x13 Quarantine Bath Sex Zelenka/Dex Mute!Rodney Crossover - Eureka 1x04 Thirty-Eight Minutes AU - Businessman!Rodney Kink - Flogging Angry!Rodney Slave!Rodney 1x14 Sanctuary Crossover - Star Trek Lorne/Mitchell 5x16 Brain Storm Original Character's POV 5x06 The Shrine Episode AU - 1x19-2x01 The Siege Weir/Emmagan Kink - Breathplay Penguin fic McKay/Sheppard -> McKay/Sheppard/Beckett McKay/Sheppard -> McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka Crossover - Sentinel Winged!Rodney Deaged!Rodney AU - College Student!Rodney Engagement 5x04 The Daedalus Variations Emmagan/Kanaan Drug Use McKay/Sheppard/Carter Ascension Crossover - Comic/Manga Blind!Rodney Beckett/McKay/Zelenka Kink - Shaving AU - Prince!John Voyeur: Elizabeth Weir/Cadman AU - Military!Rodney Hypoglycemic Shock 2x05 Condemned 1x19 The Siege Kink - Bloodplay AU - Rodney Didn't Go To Atlantis 1x03 Hide and Seek Sex Under Alien Influence AU - Teacher!John 1x09 Home Beckett/Cadman McKay/OFC Injured!Carson Top!Aiden 2x19 Inferno Telepath!Rodney McKay/Sheppard -> McKay/Sheppard/Dex 2x20 Allies Carter In Atlantis (Non-canon) McKay/Beckett -> McKay/Sheppard/Beckett AU - Animals & flowers Episode AU - 1x10 The Storm & 1x11 The Eye Sex in a storage closet Bottom!Aiden Werewolves McKay/OMC Kink - Crossdressing Ancient/Ori!John Dave Sheppard's POV Phone/Radio Sex Earth is lost or destroyed Voyeur: John 1x13 Hot Zone Ascended!John Secret/unknown child 4x04 Doppelganger Episode AU - 3x08 McKay and Mrs. Miller Beckett/Lorne AU - College Professor!John Suicide Fake or pretend marriage Ascended!Carson Voyeur: Ronon 3x13 Irresponsible Rodney Raises Madison After sex McKay/Dex -> McKay/Sheppard/Dex Rumors AU - High School AU Kink - Gangbang 3x15 The Game Jealous!Cam Pining!Elizabeth Sheppard/Sumner Weir/Caldwell Julian Lodge (First Monday) Kink - Sounding Season 5 AU Hot Tub Sex Sheppard/Bates Secondary Sheppard/Holland Rec - McKay/Zelenka 3x09 Phantoms AU - Medical Doctor!Rodney 2x17 Coup d'Etat Sheppard/Jim Kirk Atlantis' POV Episode AU - 3x14 The Tao of Rodney Sheppard/Emmagan Sheppard/Jackson Rodney Gets Blamed 3x02 Misbegotten AU - Old West Sheppard/Emmagan/Dex Sailboats AU - Sheriff!John AU - Prince!Rodney Crossover - Smallville Secondary Beckett/Ford AU - Thief!John Crossover - Harry Potter Beckett/Grodin Sheppard/Kavanagh Prodigal Raped!Lorne AU - Animated objects Captured!Teyla Rec - McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka AU - Bodyguard!John Sheppard/Kolya AU - John Works For Rodney AU - Teenager!Ronon Sex In The Lab VR Sex Pining!Radek Blind!John Self-harm AU - Zombies Possessive!Cam AU - Book writer!Rodney McKay/Zelenka -> McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka Gay!Radek 1x12 The Defiant One 5x15 Remnants 5x13 Inquisition Emmagan/Sora Telepath!John Freaked-out!Ronon 3x05 Progeny First Time - In The SGC McKay/Sheppard -> McKay/Sheppard/Lorne 3x16 The Ark Fairy!John Voyeur: Radek 4x10 This Mortal Coil (Part 1) Episode AU - 4x15 Outcast Kink - Guns Kink - Piercing Intergluteal Sex Episode AU - 2x04 Duet 3x20 First Strike 4x05 Travelers Elf!John De-Ascended!Rodney Alien!John Deaf!Rodney Grant Jansky (Traders) McKay/Cadman Intercrural Frottage Dex/Keller Musician!Rodney Sub!Carson Kink - Branding In Denial!Rodney 1x05 Suspicion They figure out their feelings McKay/Sheppard/Ford Lorne/Davis AU - Firefighter!John Lorne/Kavanagh Bottom!Radek AU - Cowboy!John Angel!Rodney AU - Veterinarian!Rodney Sheppard/Cadman AU - FBI/Federal Agent!!John McKay/Sheppard/Cadman 4x06 Tabula Rasa General Amnesia 3x12 Echoes Interference 3x01 No Man's Land 2x18 Michael Kink - Caning 2x15 The Tower AU - Model!John Woman!Ronon Kink - Watersports AU - John on SG1 AU - Librarian!John Rodney and Jennifer's wedding day Episode AU - 4x20 The Last Man Assisted Telepathy 1x07 Poisoning the Well 1x06 Childhood's End Crossover - Boa vs. Python Crossover - Back to the Future AU - Spy!John Poisoned Dragon!Rodney Crossover - Due South Alien!Rodney Zelenka/Grodin Crossover - Star Wars Crossover - Thoughtcrimes Nicky Elder (Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues) De-aged!John Kink - Electricity Crossover - Highlander Dex/Amelia Angry!Ronon Sheppard/Michael Surgery 2x07 Instinct Reincarnation Jeannie's POV AU - Test Pilot!John Kink - Pegging Caleb Miller Rodney proposes to Jennifer Rodney marries Jennifer AU - Teacher!Rodney 5x01 Search and Rescue (Part 2) AU - Actor!John Quantum mirror 5x11 The Lost Tribe (Part 2) 5x05 Ghost in the Machine Episode AU - 2x06 Trinity Episode AU - 2x12 Epiphany McKay/Sheppard/Keller Rec - McKay/Sheppard/Beckett 1x18 The Gift 4x11 Be All My Sins Remember'd (Part 2) Voyeur: Carson Sheppard/Keras 5x02 The Seed Teyla's POV AU - Rich!John Asexual!John Sheppard/O'Neill/Jackson Slave!Ronon Stalking Straight!Carson 4x17 Midway 4x16 Trio 3x06 The Real World Voyeur: Cadman 2x09 Aurora 3x18 Submersion 4x08 The Seer The Trust 4x14 Harmony 4x12 Spoils of War (Part 3) Sheppard/Emmagan/Mitchell Cadman/Carter McKay/Chuck Crossover - Sandman Crossover - Pretender McKay/Kavanagh Crossover - X-Files Dex/Lorne De-Ascended!John McKay/O'Neill Gay!Aiden Crossover - NCIS McKay/Eldon McKay/Dex/Emmagan Weir/Dex Possessive!Rodney Crossover - BtVS Crossover - Firefly Crossover - Discworld Crossover - Century Hotel First Time - On Daedalus Dex/OMC Episode AU - 5x04 The Daedalus Variations Episode AU - SG-1 - Moebius Episode AU - SG-1 - The Road Not Taken Episode AU - 4x10 This Mortal Coil Episode AU - 4x03 Reunion Episode AU - 2x16 The Long Goodbye Episode AU - 3x07 Common Ground Episode AU - 1x09 Home McKay/Sheppard/Emmagan/Ford Emmagan/Ford Evil!Rodney Michael (Century Hotel) McKay/Sheppard/Beckett/Zelenka McKay/Weir/Zelenka McKay/Weir McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Parrish Emmagan/Carter McKay/Sheppard/Mitchell Crossover - Merlin Jealous!Lorne Julian Lodge (First Monday) Meets Stargate Atlantis Beckett/McKay/Cadman Rec - McKay/Beckett Bottom!Parrish Brendan Dean (Thoughtcrimes)/Grant Jansky (Traders) Kink - Felching Sam 's POV Beckett/Ford Julian Lodge (First Monday)/Emmett (Boa vs. Python) AU - Scientist!Ronon Kink - Bestiality AU - Stripper!John AU - Widowed With Child Secondary Sheppard/Zelenka Secondary Zelenka/Dex Keller's POV Weir/Sora Kink - Orgy Kink - Waxplay Rodney figures out his feelings Jealous!Aiden Weir/Sumner Lorne/Jackson Captured!Radek Cadman/Brown Kavanagh/Simon 4x07 Missing Grant Jansky (Traders)/Scott Hamon (Murphy Brown) 1x08 Underground McKay/Sheppard/Emmagan/Dex/Lorne/Zelenka Julian Lodge (First Monday)/Nyles Chapman (Black Death) McKay/Chuck/Lorne Grant Jansky (Traders)/Emmett (Boa vs. Python) McKay/Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan/Lorne/Chuck/Zelenka/Biro/Simpson/Carter/Keller/Cadman Episode AU - SG-1 - Absolute Power Episode AU - 5x16 Brain Storm McKay/Sheppard/Jackson/O'Neill Weir/Sheppard/Zelenka 4x19 The Kindred (Part 2) McKay/Brown/Cadman Lorne/Xander Harris McKay/Sheppard/Jackson McKay/Emmagan/Weir Virgin!Carson Episode AU - 4x04 Doppleganger Kilt!sex McKay/Sheppard/Chuck Jimmy McBain (Where the Heart Is)/Alex DeMouy (Cupid) McKay/Keller/Dex 1x16 The Brotherhood McKay/Sheppard/Beckett/Weir Touch adverse!John Weir/Sheppard/Mitchell Voyeur: Ford Ford/Daniel 1x17 Letters from Pegasus McKay/Quinn 1x15 Before I Sleep Voyeur: Samantha Carter Julian Lodge (First Monday)/David Kellum (Scanners 2) McKay/Sheppard/Caldwell Episode AU - 3x01 No Man's Land 4x01 Adrift 3x19 Vengeance Vampire!Radek McKay/Sheppard/Brown/Emmagen McKay/Sheppard/Brown/Emmagen/Ford Jack's POV Evil!Weir Emmagan/Weir/Zelenka Weir/Novak Raped!Teyla Weir/Carter/O'Neill Rec - McKay/Sheppard/Dex/Emmagan Rec - McKay/Sheppard/Lorne AU - College Professor!Ronon Rodney in charge Sheppard/Jackson/Mitchell/O'Neill Chuck/Lorne/Zelenka Pregnant!Ronon Episode AU - 2x20 Allies Weir/Heightmeyer Asexuality Sheppard/Lorne/Carter Zelenka/Bates Pregnant!Lorne Pregnant!Cam Sheppard/Emmagan/Weir Cadman/Frasier Secret Admirer Beckett/Bates AU - Police Detective!Ronon AU - Porn Industry AU - Robot!John SG-1 - 10x13 The Road Not Taken AU - Psychiatrist!John Beckett/Chuck Beckett/Halling Brendan Dean (Thoughtcrimes)/David Worth (Cube) Brendan Dean (Thoughtcrimes)/Jimmy McBain (Where the Heart Is) AU - Cyberpunk AU - Gay Porn for Girls Sam/Teyla Beckett/McKay/Dex Beckett/Zelenka/Sheppard Secondary Bates/Kavanaugh Sheppard/Mitchell/Atlantis 5x07 Whispers Emmagan/Cadman McKay/Sheppard/O'Neill McKay/Weir/Grodin Mermaid!Rodney McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Kavanagh Sheppard/Mitchell/Lorne/Parrish Emmagan/Weir/Dex McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Mitchell 5x12 Outsiders AU - Robot!Cam Emmagan/Weir/Heightmeyer 5x18 Identity 5x17 Infection Mermaid!John Dex/Caldwell Sheppard/Steve Mike Sheridan (CSI Miami)/Bud O'Toole (Chasing Caine) Weir/Sheppard/Dex Episode AU - 2x15 The Tower Crossover - The West Wing Episode AU - 2x10 The Lost Boys Episode AU - 1x15 Before I Sleep Weir/Sheppard/Lorne Weir/Sheppard/Heightmeyer Alien!Ronon St. Patrick's Day Dex/Kavanagh 5x10 First Contact (Part 1) 5x09 Tracker 5x08 The Queen 4x18 The Kindred (Part 1) Kink - Medical Kink - Enemas McKay/Keller/Zelenka McKay/Grodin Nick Sennet (Farewell to Harry)/David Worth (Cube) Grant Jansky (Traders)/Alex DeMouy (Cupid) Secondary Ronon/Elizabeth/Teyla 5x14 The Prodigal Straight!Radek
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