Slash fanfiction indexes

McKay/Sheppard thematic fic index

3664 McKay/Sheppard fics indexed by theme.

McKay/Beckett thematic fic index

190 McKay/Beckett fics indexed by theme.

McKay/Zelenka thematic fic index

139 McKay/Zelenka fics indexed by theme.

Sheppard/Lorne thematic fic index

329 Sheppard/Lorne fics indexed by theme.

Sheppard/Dex thematic fic index

540 Sheppard/Dex fics indexed by theme.

Sheppard/Mitchell thematic fic index

511 Sheppard/Mitchell fics indexed by theme.

Rare pairings slash index

875 fics from rare pairings.

Threesomes and moresomes master list

393 fics including threesomes or moresomes.

Joe and David's other roles slash index

71 Slash stories featuring other characters played by Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett.
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