Will you send me a copy of the fics that say "url needed"?
No, I'm sorry. If an author decides to remove her or his fics from the net, I don't feel it adequate to redistribuite them myself without their permission.
Then why are those fics listed?
A lot of people, like me, save the fics they like. But sometimes, even if you have it saved, it's difficult to remember what each fic was about. That's why I decided to list them anyway: as a reference for the people who already have them saved.
How I can suggest you a fic for the lists?
You just need to register and log in. Then you'll find a form to suggest new fics.
How I can update the information on a fic?
Search for the fic you want to update and then click the "Update fic information" link. Be sure to be logged in.
I know the url of one of those fics!
Then log in and use the update form to send it to us!
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