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Century Hotel Series by Tarlan

Crossover with Century Hotel. Michael was David Hewlett's character in that movie. Mostly Century Hotel, crossover with SGA by the end and in the sequel.

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Distant Cousin, Maybe by Tarlan

There are giant snakes on the mainland - and that worries Rodney because they can swim! - so Atlantis gets its own herpetologist.

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Snakes and lawyers 'verse by Yin (yin_again)

Crossover between Stargate Atlantis, First Monday (where Joe Flanigan played Julian Lodge) and Boa vs. Python (where David Hewlett played Dr. Emmett). McKay/Sheppard and Lodge/Emmett are the main pairings, but the series also features McKay/Lodge, McKay/Sheppard/Lodge & McKay/Lodge/Emmett.

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