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Because we all know how well this worked out on Caprica by captain_loki (bimosexual)

“Okay, let’s get this straight,” Rodney says, clapping his hands together and staring hard at John. “Your name is John Sheppard and you’re a twenty year old exchange student from a nudist colony in Siberia.”

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Crawling Towards Eternity by race_the_ace

An entirely cliché fic about John’s dad being a mafia boss and Cam falling for John and then breaking up with him and then buying him a pony. Or something like that.

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Crazy Uncle by Slybrarian

When Cam returned from the de-Ba'aling ceremony, he did the following things: got a standard post-mission checkup, changed into his civvies, made a hasty exit from the mountain before Landry could drop any paperwork on him, picked up a pizza, and got home to find his Crazy Great Uncle John had broken in and was on his couch watching the Food Network.

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Measure of a Man by Slybrarian

Cam and Lorne commits a survey throughout the multiverse.

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