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Breakthroughs and Bureaucracy by Alistair WIP

There's a breakthrough at Atlantis, but how will it affect the 2 ranking military officers and their.....arrangement?

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High Incentive by abrokencompass

Atlantis is returning home with a little extra baggage, and Ronon reveals himself as a closet-romantic cum fairy godmother, determined to find happiness for Sheppard.

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Recovering An Old Footing by Bluflamingo

John, Cam and the original crew of the alternative reality drive equipped Daedalus are stranded in the wrong universe. John and Cam set out to find their way home.

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Retrace The Steps (As If We Forgot) by race_the_ace

John showed up at Cam’s doorstep about an hour after Cam had finally fallen asleep. Cam hadn’t seen John Sheppard in more years than he could remember, but that didn’t change the fact that he would do anything for him. So Cam stepped aside and ushered John in out of the night.

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With the Morning Sun by scrollgirl

John and Cam dream of regrets, lost love, and second chances.

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