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A Life By Design by ozsaur

What better way to start a new life than to buy a haunted house...

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Ardhanarishvara by Auburn, monanotlisa

"Tell me, Colonel, did you take a look around and think, hey, it's the Planet of Sex Changes?"

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Bearskin by ozsaur

Never gamble with the devil.

Part 2/2

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Diploma by internetname

"Rodney McKay (unbonded Guide) and John Sheppard ("bonded" Sentinel) have figured out how to live the lives they want, and things should probably stay that way."

Sentinel crossover where John is a Sentinel and Rodney is a Guide.

The link directs to AO3, but the fic is also posted in multiple parts on the authors LJ. Author has mentioned the possibility of a sequel

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Finding Home by raicara

John is a Slave who ends up the property of one Dr Rodney Mckay

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The Brribe - Book 2 by Fenchurch WIP

Continuation of The Bribe -- Rodney is given to John as a slave to entice John to go to Atlantis. Book 2 is their story in Pegasus.

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The Ghost by Selenic (selenic76)

"John shivered despite his warm coat, the cold October air seeping into his bones. He quickened his pace; he was already late for his night shift at the mortuary."

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The Gift by Selenic (selenic76)

"In all honesty, John did feel scared, but it wasn’t ghosts that he was worried about."

John and Rodney become friends as children, AU, Halloween

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What's Love Got To Do With It? by admiralandrea

In this Alternate Universe version of the SGA pilot, Rising, Colonel Sumner is in charge of an expedition which is almost all male and all military. John Sheppard is a military pet - a submissive who has been trained to service others. Sumner decides he has to prove he is trustworthy before letting him go on the expedition, so has Sheppard come to his house to bond with the Marines. Later, he tells O'Neill he accepts Sheppard, but O'Neill has to see for himself first. Once they are in Atlantis, Sheppard is restricted to helping out in the labs, rather than going on missions, so Sumner gives control of him over to Rodney McKay, who is still head scientist on the expedition.

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