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Cash Out by kimberlite

John is recruited by Cam Mitchell and Jack O'Neill. Their methods of persuasion prove to be unusual to say the least.

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Cloudy, with Outbreaks of Sun by Bluflamingo

For the timestamp meme: Five years after Breaking Clouds. Yet another mission that ends with John waking up in the infirmary.

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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Alizarin

John doesn’t know he’s looking for salvation until he finds it.

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Recovering An Old Footing by Bluflamingo

John, Cam and the original crew of the alternative reality drive equipped Daedalus are stranded in the wrong universe. John and Cam set out to find their way home.

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Unnamed Comment Fic: Adultery by Anonymous

Written for the kink meme prompt: Vegas!verse. Cameron is a rich, married district attorney and John is his dirty little secret.

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