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Tin Can Telephone Party Line by just1tearforme

Evan’s mouth was hot; hotter still when his tongue did that… that tongue swirly thing.

Lists: Sheppard/Lorne thematic fic index

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You Say it's Your Birthday by Sheppards_girl

McKay/Sheppard (Chapters 1-2), Sheppard/Lorne with McKay watching (Chapter 3), Lorne/Parrish & McKay/Sheppard/Lorne/Parrish (Chapter 4).
Kink: Rape fantasy, chain fuck.

Lists: McKay/Sheppard thematic fic index, Threesomes and moresomes master list

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we are, for some reason, all the time, bleeding by busaikko

OMC/Sheppard/OMC. dubious!sex. possibly disturbing.

Lists: McKay/Sheppard thematic fic index

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