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In Ways You Can't Possibly Imagine by telesilla WIP

Detective John Sheppard, LVPD, is still looking for answers. But the Rodney McKay he finds is very different. Part 2

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It's Growing Day by Day by telesilla

During a routine mission to check out an off-world Ancient lab, team Shep is cut off from Atlantis when the stargate is buried beneath a ton of rubble. There's another way off the planet, but getting there will not be easy.

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The Providence of Stars by melagan

In the summer of 1942, young Dr. Rodney McKay steps off a train, eager to continue his work on the war effort. Nearly a year later, he's running for his life with Captain John Sheppard.

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Yes, I Can by psychicvanity

The trip didn't start out weird. The whole thing was very innocent and honestly rather boring. Until John started humming

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