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A Richer Dust Concealed by Mirabile Dictu

Hard lands make hard people, John had once heard Andy Corrigan say, and from his experience on Truebo, he believed it.

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Chain Reaction by the_cephalopod

Rodney gets kidnapped and John comes to the rescue, but when they're both back home on Atlantis, it seems that things are only just beginning...

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His Bodyguard (series) by Soraya WIP

AU where John (and Ronon and Teyla) are bodyguards for one Dr. Rodney McKay. Link is to series page.

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Like Pulling a Rabbit out of a Hat by curia_regis

When they discover alien ships heading towards Atlantis, Rodney has yet another brilliant plan to save them. Unfortunately, this plan goes horribly wrong.

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Treat by trillingstar

Another strike-through on Rodney's bucket list.

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