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Breaking Up is Hard to Do by Amireal

Rodney's drugged and goes into hypoglycemic shock. Not what it seems by the title.

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Kiss Me. Arthur by

It had always been Elizabeth Weir's dream to produce a revival of Camelot on Broadway. She finally had the chance to do so and had cast Rodney McKay " primarily an opera singer but also currently down on his luck " as Arthur. Two weeks before Opening Night, a serious accident takes out Broadway-favorite Daniel Jackson, who had been cast as Lancelot, and Elizabeth's now desperate for a replacement. Fate intervenes and John Sheppard, mega-star and lead of John Sheppard and Friends pop fame is available. But is there more than fate involved?


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Mutual Misunderstandings by Ayama-chi

How high a price are you willing to pay to get your hands on everything Atlantis could have ever hoped for? A slip of a tongue during an off world visit and some help from Rodney and John and his second in command are about to find out.

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