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All I Want For Christmas by Bluflamingo

Christmas never goes according to plan at Atlantis.

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History by Bluflamingo

There's a part of John's past that no-one knows, but that he needs Cam to know about. Part of the What Happens Next verse.

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Lead The Way From All Is Lost by somehowunbroken

Originally for an sga_kinkmeme fill: 'John/Cam, slave!John: the punishment for disobeying direct orders in the military is to be sold as a slave to successful officers until they learn to obey without questioning their superiors. John is given to Cameron, who takes his duty as officer very seriously and is set in teaching John what he needs to learn in order to be re-instated, whatever the price.'

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No Good Deed by Forestgreen

John had only planned to infiltrate the SGC in order to steal some valuable information and then disappear without a trace the way he usually did, but instead he ends up getting attached; to his team, to McKay, and to Cam in particular. What is a master thief to do when common sense tells him to finish the job and run but his heart tells him to stay?

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