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Been Five Years by Bluflamingo

It’s not often fate works for them instead of against them. Evan's planning on making the most of the one time it does.

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Leave No One Behind by kimberlite

John finds himself drawn to an Ancient warship, and it's up to Lorne to pull him out of the interface when things go pear-shaped.

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Long Enough by abrokencompass

Every once in a while, a love so easy, so true comes along, that it’s practically effortless. This was not one of those times. OR: Oblivious!Sheppard stumbles along the path of love. Slowly. And with the aid of some restless natives.

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No Problem With That by icantbelieveitsnotjohnsheppard

"Major." With a nod of his head, that was the way Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard had greeted his XO and Evan had had no problem with that. But now two hours had passed and he was getting worried.

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Not Nothing by somehowunbroken

John doesn't think of Atlantis right away, but hen he does, it seems like a good plan.

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Resetting the Parameters by spacedogfl

Evan comes to terms with his behavior.

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Retirement by FlyBoy

A simple off-world mission produces a most unexpected result which sends the friends of John Sheppard chasing him around the planet.

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Second Chances Lost by somehowunbroken

As far as John was concerned, a hail of gunfire ended Pegasus' last chance for peace.

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