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A Call at Night by ShayaSar

An AU in which John is a pilot, Carson is a doctor and someone joins their life and changes it forever.

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The Deconstruction of Falling Stars by kyizi

Atlantis is stranded in a strange new galaxy with no way of returning to either Earth or Pegasus, John is missing and presumed dead, and just when Cam thinks that he's finally getting used to the status quo, things get worse.

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What Might Have Been Series by Keira Marcos

Also past McKay/Quinn, McKay/Mitchell, Sheppard/Holland, Sheppard/Mitchell and present O'Neill/Carter, Dave Sheppard/Keller, Mitchell/OMC, Lam/OMC & OMC/OMC.
What if Rodney didn’t go to Atlantis and the city was lost again? Sheppard turns up as the second command of the SGC under Major General Jack O’Neill and after a year of watching the moody government contractor Dr. Rodney McKay… he decides to make some very personal changes in his life.

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