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Any Given by jade_1459

An average week in the City of Atlantis.

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On Loving a Geek (A Non-Traditional Romance) by doomcanary

John wants Rodney, but Rodney is happy with Zelenka. With John turned into a woman, will Lorne help him forget about Rodney?

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Peril by Corona (entangled_now)

John and Evan are trapped in a room with electrified walls that are closing in on them. It's just another day in the Pegasus galaxy.

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Recurrence by Welfycat

A visit to a new set of allies in the Pegasus Galaxy leaves John Sheppard and Rodney McKay struggling to overcome the effects of an alien device, while Evan Lorne and the other members of their teams try to help in any way they can.

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Shadows Over Atlantis by Slybrarian

Part of Strange Aeon. : As the Atlantis Expedition settles into their new home, they discover that they may not be as safe as they believe. Something dangerous is lurking in the city, and worse yet, someone among them may have been compromised.

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Two Halves Don't Make a Whole by Welfycat

Evan Lorne wishes he'd never even heard of the Stargate program, let alone a mythic ancient city in another galaxy.

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We All Fall Down by Slybrarian

Part 12 of Strange Aeon. Lorne encounters a piece of ancient tech with embarrassing results. Cam is even less lucky with his mission.

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life not a dream by somehowunbroken

Gene carriers are bound together, which would usually work if you didn't hate your bondmate.

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