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Burn Out Bright by Miss_zedem

John and Cam accidentally activate a set of matching Ancient bracelets, and as a result they can't move more than 200 yards from each other. Since it's Christmas, this means that John has to accompany Cam to a Very Mitchell Christmas back in Kansas.

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Into Dust by kazbaby

Circling the chair, Cameron watches the Operator carefully. He's trying to discern any hint of recognition when he stops directly in front of the chair and says, his voice just short of steady, "John."

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Recovering An Old Footing by Bluflamingo

John, Cam and the original crew of the alternative reality drive equipped Daedalus are stranded in the wrong universe. John and Cam set out to find their way home.

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Teenage Dream by camshaft22

John is de-aged. Cam takes advantage.

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We All Fall Down by Slybrarian

Part 12 of Strange Aeon. Lorne encounters a piece of ancient tech with embarrassing results. Cam is even less lucky with his mission.

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