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Coffee And Cake by Bluflamingo

In which John gets promoted, meets the new Air Force liaison officer, and tries to do damage control around his oldest niece.

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Go West by Bluflamingo

Even with John having left the Air Force and Cam being stationed abroad, their friendship has stayed as strong as ever. Then, one day, John gets a phone call he didn't expect.

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Interfice Errorem, Diligere Errantem by ninja_hamsters

Cam's been through something terrible. He's released into John's care, but was it too soon?

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It All Goes Away When The Sun Comes Up by somehowunbroken

It's six months after the disease spread through Atlantis, crippling or killing everyone in the CIty, and Cam's more than ready to get out there to help.

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John Sheppard's Adynaton by scrollgirl

Swine flu gives John reason and opportunity to ponder the future of his and Cam's relationship.

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Midnight Train by Miss_zedem

After his plane crash, Cam gets help with his rehabilitation by John Sheppard, physical therapist.

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No Good Deed by Forestgreen

John had only planned to infiltrate the SGC in order to steal some valuable information and then disappear without a trace the way he usually did, but instead he ends up getting attached; to his team, to McKay, and to Cam in particular. What is a master thief to do when common sense tells him to finish the job and run but his heart tells him to stay?

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Through The Night by somehowunbroken

John thinks about how he’s going to write the mission report for this, comes up with it was a dark and stormy night, and laughs a little hysterically.

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When Your Story Is Untold by colls, swannee

When it's "game over" for John, no one will know to tell Cam a thing.

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