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History by Bluflamingo

There's a part of John's past that no-one knows, but that he needs Cam to know about. Part of the What Happens Next verse.

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Promises by Bluflamingo

A year after John moved back to Earth to raise his son with Cam, things are mostly settling down for the three of them. Well, if you don't count childhood memories, estranged brothers, injured ex-colleagues and your best friend's wedding. Part of What Happens Next.

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Reception by Bluflamingo

Prompt: John/Cam + Colby/Lorne, being around fellow canon characters and not having to hide their relationship. Part of the What Happens Next verse.

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The Deconstruction of Falling Stars by kyizi

Atlantis is stranded in a strange new galaxy with no way of returning to either Earth or Pegasus, John is missing and presumed dead, and just when Cam thinks that he's finally getting used to the status quo, things get worse.

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They Grow Up So Fast by camshaft22

Their daughter's first day of school.

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Unexpected, Round Two by somehowunbroken

Cam takes a weeklong vacation on Atlantis and, well, it's Atlantis. At least the whales didn't show up.

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